5 things you didn’t know you were doing wrong in the restroom.

Ah the restroom! That fortress of solitude, where nothing can go wrong. Life’s simple pleasures like the newspaper or a quick game on the cellphone can be enjoyed. All this while making yourself download your woes away! That being said however, the restroom has a sinister and dark side to it. It is literally one of the filthiest places in the world and a lot can go wrong! Surprised? We don’t blame you… Read on to find out more about the 5 things you are definitely doing wrong in the restroom.

  1. Not bothering to sanitise the seat

If you don’t eat out of a plate without first thoroughly rinsing it with dishwashing soap and a scrubber, because you know it is dirty! How much more should you worry about the crapper, especially a public restroom. This is one of the most fertile breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause UTIs and skin issues. Not sanitising the toilet seat therefore leaves you susceptible to unwanted issues, that you can easily do without. The solution is  simple. Use USpray, irrespective of where you decide to GO! It instantly sanitises the toilet seat and ensures that every trip to a loo is a safe one!

  1. Using toilet paper to clean your butt

Toilet paper, while not commonly used in India to (you know) clean your privates, is becoming increasingly popular. This is actually the leading cause of itchy, unclean bottoms and privates. So what do you do if there’s no source of clean water to wash after you’ve done your business? Simple, carry a bottle with you. Using toilet paper afterwards is fine, just don’t use it immediately after… that’s both disturbing and disgusting!

  1. Not washing your hands long enough

No trip to the restroom is ever complete without a quick hand wash. Well, we’re sorry to inform you aren’t washing for long enough. A quick spritz of water and soap is not nearly enough to wash off the filth that accumulates on your hands after a trip to the loo! The solution therefore (and pardon us for sounding like germaphobes) is a rinse with warm water and soap, followed by drying your hands and then using a hand sanitiser!

  1. Using the air dryer to dry your hands

You may as well not wash your hands. We know that the air dryer with its warm blast of air feels great, but it does nothing more than accelerate the growth of microbes, that actually NEED warm air to live. So once you’re done washing your hands, use a personal handkerchief or TP (toilet paper) to dry your hands thoroughly!

  1. Lingering for longer than necessary!

Would you ever consider hanging out in a nuclear reactor? Or taking a dive into a pool full of alligators? No right? So once you’re done with your business in the loo, it is best to buzz off from there like a bat out of hell. Don’t bother checking out your good looks in the (equally disgusting) mirror or applying your makeup or doing your hair. Studies show that the longer you stay in the restroom once you’re done, the greater the chances of catching a disgusting virus! So what are you waiting for, get the hell out already!

So there you have it, not 1 or 2, but 5 things you know you’re guilty of in the restroom. So until next time, stay safe, and be wise, sanitise!