How to use a public restroom safely?

Let us paint you a picture. Admittedly it isn’t the prettiest one. Let’s say you’re out shopping, it’s a hot day and so you’ve had a good amount of water to drink. You are looking for some bargains, walking from one shop to another, in a crowded marketplace, and suddenly… you’ve got to go! Your thoughts are running amok. Your flight or fight response kicking in, you start running around looking for a toilet. And lo and behold in the middle of the crowded marketplace, you find it! Sounds like God’s answer to your prayers doesn’t it? Or does it!

What you have stumbled upon is an Indian public toilet. The only place that is dirtier than an Indian Public toilet, is another Indian public toilet. Badly maintained to say the least. Calling it filthy would be giving it a compliment. But it is something you have to work with. I mean what sort of a choice do you have really? You sit, hover or even stand above the WC and awkwardly and gingerly go about your business…

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? But there is a simpler way and it is compact and supremely portable. USpray toilet seat sanitiser is one of those products that is an absolute Godsend. One spray from this handy little product and your toilet seat is safe again. No more awkward squatting, or balancing in the air above the WC… Easy isn’t it?


USpray is ideal for any and everyone. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or a housewife, the chance and risk of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) is common and prevalent for all of you, wherever you may be. Remember that any unknown toilet, be it a public restroom, or a restroom in a mall is a germ trap. In fact the risk of you catching a UTI is even more pronounced in a mall, or theatre than anywhere else.

So until next time, stay safe, stay protected and pee, tension free with USpray!