Why it is important to answer nature’s call as soon as it strikes?

We’ve all been in that position haven’t we. You’re in an important meeting, or in the middle of a critical task and you suddenly have to pee. Most of us tend to ignore the call of nature, and instead focus on our task at hand, until the sensation gets pretty unbearable, at which point we drop whatever we are doing and run in a frenzy to the restroom! We do this despite knowing fully well that it is bad for us. So today we decided to explore how bad this practise truly is for us…

  1. Holding it in increases the risk of UTIs

A full grown human being’s bladder can hold upto about ½ a litre of urine, comfortably, before it becomes necessary to relieve yourself. Holding your pee in for long durations of time, will cause the walls of the bladder to become breeding grounds for bacteria and microbes, and leave you susceptible to urinary tract infections. Simple fact why you should drop everything and go, when you have to go!

  1. Holding it in weakens your bladder muscles

You are all familiar with the strain it takes to hold on to your pee, when you absolutely have to go. Doing so over long periods of time or habitually, can seriously weaken not just your bladder, causing embarrassing problems like involuntarily wetting yourself, and in the long run will weaken your bladder, making it more and more difficult to control your urge, when you absolutely have to.

  1. Your bladder could burst or rupture

Habitually holding in your pee, or ignoring the body’s signals that you need to empty your bladder could result in it rupturing or bursting. This is a potentially life threatening situation and needless to say it would also be rather painful. In fact 15th century astronomer Tycho Brahe, is said to have died of a ruptured bladder from holding his pee in too long!

  1. It can drive you mad…

This may sound incredulous but it is true. One of the main signs that you are probably suffering from a weakened, leaky or ruptured bladder is that you start going mad, rather instantly. The toxins from your urine (held in for a long time) can enter the bloodstream or damage vital organs, causing your brain in the process to shut down rather quickly…

Unlike a call from an ex or a pesky telemarketer that you can afford to skip, skipping nature’s call, can be a very risky thing. If you’re worried about the quality of the restroom available to you, then using USpray on the go, is probably a good idea, because it sanitises the seat, and enables you to pee, tension free!

So until next time, stay safe, stay protected and pee, tension free with USpray!